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Paraffin Wax


Paraffin Wax is a by-product of the oil industry. Crude oil is de-waxed, leaving behind an oily substance called slack wax, which is then further processed with solvents and cooled. During cooling, the wax crystallises and separates from the oil.

• Cheaper, producing affordable candles.
• Long burn times
• Excellent carrier of scent
• If correctly wicked, candles from refined paraffin burn smoke and are drip-free with a calm flame.
• A minefield of opinions about the harmfulness of burning candles with this wax.
Our Opinion
Whilst we use fossil fuels, Paraffin Wax will be created. There is no definite science to prove that burning paraffin candles is harmful. It is essential to differentiate between non-refined Paraffin (as found in cheaper candles and tea lights. Look out for a slightly sticky feel to the candle) and refined Paraffin that burns clean with minimal harmful emissions.
Use all candles in ventilated rooms, and if you see signs of smoke, shorten, or extinguish the wick.
In Short
Paraffin candles made with clean, unpolluted wax are a beautiful and affordable product with a flame that lights up the room to create an atmosphere of calm and joy.