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The Candle Merchant's Trading Place
Plaristo Trade

CANDLE SETS, MILLAIS, Lorenzo and Isabella, 6 BOXES

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Masterpieces Illuminated. Candle Sets

Introducing the Isabella Candle Set, a sophisticated homage to John Everett Millais' inaugural work in the Pre-Raphaelite style. This unique candle collection draws inspiration from Isabella and Lorenzo's timeless narrative, adding refined artistry to your space.

Originally showcased at the Royal Academy in 1849, Isabella recounts the tragic love affair between Isabella, the affluent sister of Florentine merchants, and Lorenzo, their humble apprentice. The set subtly encapsulates their poignant tale, featuring a symbol of love and sharing – a profound gesture amidst adversity.

An elegant choice for discerning individuals seeking a thoughtful and culturally rich gift, the Isabella Candle Set transcends conventional offerings. Whether presented as part of your Valentine's Range or amongst your general gifts, it lends an air of sophistication and narrative depth to the ambience.