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Masterpieces Illuminated. Candle Sets

In “Vase de roses,” Renoir’s embrace of reddish hues reflects his Italian influences. Around 1900, he started incorporating warm tones, aiming for a glowing patina over time—a tonal value akin to the figures in Titian’s works. The painting blushes with these warm hues, as Renoir stated, “I paint flowers with the color of nudes, and I paint women in the same pink tones as the flowers.”

Renoir’s later works frequently feature roses in pink, cream, and yellow, symbolically placed behind a model’s ear, clasped to a breast, or filling the composition’s decorative space. These elements, as noted by John House, create metaphysical associations, connecting the physical splendour of women, the richness of materials, and the lavishness of flowers. Painting, for Renoir, becomes a means of suggesting the correspondence of the senses.

A perfect Valentines, Mothers-day and All Year Occasions Gift-of-Love adding to the romantic touch in your shop. Also a perfect gift to offer in Garden Centres