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Dinner Candles, Short & Slender, Box of 49

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Height - 110 mm (4“)
Width - 13 mm (0.5”)

This versatile candle is now offered in an extended colour range in boxes of 49 and proving to be a hit with customers who use this size in an astonishing variety of different ways: 

  • on Christmas Trees
  • as Spell Candles
  • for Hanukkah
  • on Birthday and Anniversary Cakes
  • or simply for the cute candle that this is

It is small, versatile, and if you bunch a few of them together with some coloured raffia, the pretty little bundles will fly out of your shop.

Made from purified paraffin wax
• Dyed all the way through
• Food safe, non-toxic colours
• Cotton wick
• Smoke-free
• Drip-free
• Available colours 12
• Burn-time – 2+ hours
• Box quantity per colour: 49