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The Candle Merchant's Trading Place
Plaristo Trade

What's New

What is new in Plaristo?

The Candle Loft

Since moving into our new premises, we have established our candle production. You can now order from this unique dinner candle range from refined paraffin or pure beeswax. These stunning tapered candles will appeal to the luxury market, those of your customers looking for something unique.

New Trend colours will be available soon, and if you have a particular project in mind, why not order bespoke coloured candles made just for you?

The Candle Loft is also an inspiring showroom if you visit our gorgeous Rye in East Sussex.


 New Dinner Candle Colours from Kerzenfarm

Coming soon:

Fir (Tall 010352 Regular: 010252)

Jade (Tall 010351 Regular: 010251)

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