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The subject of different waxes is topical for the modern consumer. What is scientifically proven and what is just guess work and opinions?
We have informed ourselves, it’s fascinating reading.


Producers who care for their bees, only take a fraction of wax without harming the beehive. This wax is precious and rare.


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This wax has a lot of bad press. But trust us, if it is clean, refined wax the toxins are no more than with any other candle.

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A soft wax, that is not suitable for dinner candles. Plaristo only uses European Soya wax, which is guaranteed to be GM-free. 

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 coming soon: handmade scented Tea-lights and Melts


An exciting and beautiful candle wax. The main concern with palm wax is the health of the environment. 

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More Waxes and Candles coming soon: 

 Beeswax White

 Coconut Wax

 Olive Wax

 Stearin Palm Free 

 Sumac Wax

 Rapeseed Wax

 Sunflower Wax


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