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Are you unsure which size to sell in your shop? We are here to help. Have a look at this range. 

Overview of our Dinner Candle Sizes

Made in Germany

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 SKU-0101, Short-Regular:       22 x 100mm, burns 4.5 hrs. shop 

SKU-0102, Regular:                 22 x 180mm, burns 8.0 hrs. shop 

SKU-0103, Tall:                        22 x 250mm, burns 11.5 hrs. shop

SKU-0104, Short-Chunky:       28 x 100mm, burns 6.0 hrs. shop 

SKU-0105, Regular-Chunky:    28 x 180mm, burns 10.5 hrs. shop

SKU-0106, Tall-Chunky:           28 x 250mm, burns 15.0 hrs. shopshop

SKU-0107, Short-Slender:        13 x 110mm, burns 2.0 hrs. shop

SKU-0109, Tall-Slender:            13 x 250mm, burns 5.0 hrs.   shop

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Handmade, Tapered Candles*

Made in Rye, England

Regular: 22 x 180mm

Tall:      22 x 250mm

Extra-Tall: 22 x 320mm

*Sizes are approximate

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