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The honeybee produces beeswax from its numerous abdominal glands. It is used to store honey and as a food source for the bees. It gradually gains its natural golden yellow colour with age through pollen and debris from the hive.

White Beeswax has undergone a further pressure filter and is more suited for coloured candles. Yellow Beeswax Candles are the most natural.

 The flame from a beeswax candle is the brightest and warmest of all waxes.


  • A 100% natural product
  • Fragrant, honey-scented.
  • Smooth appearance, characteristically beautiful-looking candles
  • Slow and intense burn
  • Bright light
  • Pure Luxury
  • Long burn-times


  • Expensive
  • Some countries have developed overproduction for farming and harvesting of beeswax, which leads to cruel and harmful practices for the bees.

Our Opinion

We love making beeswax candles and there is nothing quite like it. A truly special moment, when dipping the wick into a pot filled with honey-fragrant wax until the candle is complete. Beeswax candles are pure luxury and give candlelight like no other.

In Short

Producers who care for their bees take just a fraction of the wax without harming the beehive. This wax is precious and rare.