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Palm Wax

Palm Wax used in candle making is particularly hard and brittle, gained from the fruit of Palm Trees, typically grown in Indonesia, Malaysia, and East Asia.


The flame that burns from this wax is warm and very bright.



  • A bright, smoke and drip-free flame, slow-burning
  • A hard candle, suitable for use in hot climates
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Delicate lace formation during burn
  • Intense colours
  • Vegan product



  • If mixed with other wax, it can produce an opaque colour.
  • Raises the melting point.
  • Increases shrinking.
  • Wax can be a bit messy whilst burning.
  • Confusion and controversy surround palm wax.


Our Opinion

Our supplier for palm wax candles ensures that the producer is registered with the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and monitors their credentials. We feel strongly about the mindless deforestation of ancient woodlands for profits. The price for the well-being of our earth is too high.


In Short

An exciting and beautiful candle wax. The main concern with palm wax is the health of the environment.