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Soya Wax

Soya wax is created by the hydrogenation of oil from the soybean. Chemically it produces a triglyceride which contains a high proportion of stearic acid. Soya wax is soft, hydrates the skin, and gives a great burn to candle wax.
• melts at a cooler temperature
• 100% plant-based, vegan
• Beautiful soft wax that is kind to the skin.
• Easy to clean.

• Poor scent throw
• Harvested from GM plantations.
• Overproduction
• A soft wax, not suited for dinner candles.

Our Opinion
Soya Wax is a popular and much-heralded wax in the natural candle and cosmetics industry. It is widely regarded as toxin-free, a top vegan product and a clean, bright burn. However, there is concern that most of the world’s grown soya is gene manipulated and one of the products that destroy our rainforests. Like Palm wax, it is overused in the food chain. No scientifically backed evidence proves soya wax is less harmful or cleaner burning than other wax types, including paraffin.
Currently, Soya Wax produced in the EU is free from GM manipulation. We love the Eco Soya and use it in our tea-light and container candles. Unfortunately, it is too soft to use in the production of dinner candles.

In Short
Not suitable for dinner candles. Plaristo only uses European Soya wax, which is guaranteed to be GM-free.