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The Candle Merchant's Trading Place
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We are stocking up and so will you!

We are stocking up and so will you!

We are so excited to get our new batch of dinner candles in soon, and then almost all colours will be back in stock. There will be two fresh, delicious greens among all the old favourites.

Fir Green     

Jade Green

make sure you don't miss them. 

The shelves in our warehouse will be packed to the brim once again. But only for a short time, as usual, they will fly out of Rye in the pick-up vans racing to take the long-expected colours to your shop.

Order now and get your order as soon as it is complete!

This delivery is expected by mid-July. We hope you will like the fabulous  function on our new website, which enables you to order all the colours you need in advance; as soon as the dinner candles have arrived, we will process your order, bundle it all up and send it your way. 

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